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Jason Jones sits down with Native American activists working to change the name of the Washington Redskins.

Daniel Synder and his fanclub got slayed by actual Native people.  I’m sick of people saying it related to honor, tradition and that Natives don’t care about this issue.  It’s almost 2015, and we have to walk in silence about Native people and our problems because we are treated like a second hand citizen, when this was our homeland to begin with.  We didn’t ask for them to come save us and convert us into little white people, we didn’t ask for the European diseases, or the genocide that occurred to Native people in the Americas. I’m also sick of other Natives, saying that it is okay and it’s alright to honor our people, it’s not okay to use a racial slur to honor our people, especially when my people were hunted and propped in museums, and our state’s capitol to display that the Red man is dead.

- Mod Melanie

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A mini documentary on sex trafficking of Native women, with particular focus on Minnesota (Native women & girls are frequently sold on the shipping boats that travel around the Lakes, and have been for decades).

"People don’t see Native American women as humans. They see them as punching bags. Or something novel, like a new toy—it’s fun at first, but afterwards you throw it away." —Sarah El Fakahany, Sexual Assault Advocate at Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center

This is very sad, I didn’t know that the Native American women and girls were part of sex trade and prostitution.

it is a very big problem, much bigger than many people realize or want to admit, even among Native communities. if you go to a truck stop anywhere near tribal communities late at night, you will see young Native girls who have been trafficked. Minnesota, Arizona, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Oregon, & Washington are particularly bad. here’s some more resources on sex trafficking of Native women:

Portland, OR is a major, major hub for human trafficking and sex slavery

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